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Tupo26's News

Posted by Tupo26 - March 8th, 2016

My newest game is out! Check it out!


Posted by Tupo26 - February 19th, 2016

Praepotentia releases on next week or on a week after next week. Really depending on how fast I can finish last tests and optimisations.

This game has been in development weeks and it should have been released last year but I got lazy/busy with other stuff.

Praepotentia is a beat'em up game inspired by Castle Crashers, Tales of Symphonia and Diablo 3. My current worry is that the game is too ambitious for flash platform and I should had developed it on different platform (unity for example) but then again, it runs on Madness: Recommencement engine which is full of bad bad programming.

Screenshot of the game


Posted by Tupo26 - September 13th, 2015

Madness: Haphazard 2.0 does not make it in time to Madness Day. The game is still largely unfinished and I have been making Praepotentia my primary focus.

Praepotentia is currently under heavy testing with the game being 99% finished. ETA release of Praepotentia is at least 2 months. 99% finished and still 2 months of work left? This game is HUGE. Praepotentia is the biggest and the most ambitious game I have ever worked on. 700 work hours wasted, 37570 lines of code, 11 big levels, 6 playable characters, 39 animated enemies, 115 sound effects (Yes, I document this stuff) and I actually wrote a script for cutscenes.

I have been very busy with my life since I graduate from University of Applied Sciences at beginning of the summer.

Plus, Super Mario Maker was released recently.


Posted by Tupo26 - January 10th, 2015

Well. It is new year and I failed to release any new flash games. Last year was full of distractions and matters that required my attention so couldn't work on my games.

Good news is for this month so far I have been able to work on one of my flash game without any major interruptions.

What games I'm working on?

Madness: Haphazard 2.0. Heavly updated versio of the orginal. Aiming this year's madness day.

Praepotentia. My biggest game easily. This beast is been in making over 3 years. I tried finish this game last year but I failed because reasons of the above. I'm looking to finish this game in near future.


Posted by Tupo26 - August 29th, 2014

Still working on madness: haphazard but I will not participate this years madness day. I stopped patching Haphazad because I overhauled alot code and redesinged most of its features. So basically I had torn it apart to pieces and removed  enemy AI and melee combat and trying to figure out how to put it back to together.

Plus I'm working on another game which I rather have it done this year.

Posted by Tupo26 - December 17th, 2013

Been a while since last update. Sorry about that but life got into way and has hindered progress. The update is still work in progress and is too buggy to be released.

What new update brings:

  • Recoil mechanic is redesinged (Bullets spread randomly when recoil is accumulated)
  • The flamethrower is redesinged
  • New item: helmet (Prevents double damage from headshots)
  • Collected items now appear on the player character
  • New death animation for the flamethrower weapon
  • Melee combat improvements


I'm also confirmed the bug that sometimes causes the level generator to generate an unplayable level.

Plus, I'm also working on a new game (It's not Crazy Apple 4).

Posted by Tupo26 - October 15th, 2013

Madness: Haphazard Update #2

Various bugfixes
Final boss is overhauled
Tricky is now two phased boss fight.

Posted by Tupo26 - September 26th, 2013

Madness: Haphazard update #1

Fixed knockback and stagger mechanics
Fixed double jump glitch
Fixed glitch that prevented some items not spawning in the item room
Fixed some variables not resetting
Fixed characters death animations freezing
Characters no longer explode from melee attacks
Grenade launcher shots sometimes makes characters explode
Added links to collections
Movement speeds readjusted
Characters redrawn
Knockback recovery animation re-animated
Supplies cabinet redrawn
Minimap draws visited rooms
AI characters can jump (but not utilize it)

For next update final boss will be overhauled

Posted by Tupo26 - September 22nd, 2013

Happy madness day!

go play my new game:

Posted by Tupo26 - August 22nd, 2013

Madness Day is a month away. Guess I'm gonna make a third madness game.

So here's some details

Side-scrolling action game
Randomized levels
Melee and gun combat

Got some inspiration when I was playing The Binding of Isaac and thought: "Is it possible use same level of randomization in side scrolling action game?".

Guess I we will see at Madness Day!

Madness Day Stuff